The "Sky" design.
Dear musicians and collector of the finest ukuleles.
I want to tell you a little story of that two instruments in my shop. Not as usual done in the Ziegenspeck workshop these ukulele are not build unique, they are made as excactly the same as possible.
The only visible difference between the two of them is the size.
While building these beauties it was important to me to follow a theme. In this case I chose the sky which
is simply implemented by blue wood lines on the front (purfling/rosette) and a flying bird on the 12th fret in each instrument.

Concert Sunrise "Sky"

A very sweet and soft tone produced

by the combination of walnut and larch on this concert size ukulele.






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Tenor Sunrise "Sky"

Tenor Surnise made from combination

of a canadian cedar top

and american walnut back/sides produces a very dynamic, loud tone.





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Ukulele Pickup "Uke-Up"

Less is more!

These tiny piezzo transducer pickups are made in our workshop.



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