tenor "double back" walspru




With this special instrument, the interplay of the same wood was chosen for the soundboard and top for the first time.

The result is more than satisfactory.



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tenor "harp-E"




As the name suggests, the Harp-E is and electric harp ukulele.

This name is just as unusual as the instrument itself.




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tenor "double back" cherry



Except for the soundboard, this instrument was made completely of Thruingian cherry.





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tenor "double back" walnut



In contrast to the "double back" cherry, I have specializied in slightly darker color scheme of the European walnut for this particular ukulele.




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Concert E-Uke



The specialty of this instrument is the simplicity of the color scheme, which consists of a warm mahogany body and the light tones of the ash and the linden tree neck.




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tenor/concert sunrise "Sky"



This sunrise might look simple on the first look but with the american walnut comes a canadian cedar top, which produces a very loud but dynamic tone.





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Tenor Sunrise "Aloha"


Probably the most typical wood that can be used for an ukulele. With this instrument, however, I did not build a complete Koa body, but a combination of the Hawaiian koa with a North American engelmann spruce





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Ukulele Pickup "Uke-Up"

Less is more!

These tiny piezzo transducer pickups are made in our workshop.




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