tenor "double back" cherry



Except for the soundboard, this instrument was made completely of Thruingian cherry.





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tenor "double back" walnut



In contrast to the "double back" cherry, I have specializied in slightly darker color scheme of the European walnut for this particular ukulele.




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Concert E-Uke



The specialty of this instrument is the simplicity of the color scheme, which consists of a warm mahogany body and the light tones of the oak and the linden tree neck.




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tenor/concert sunrise "Sky"



This sunrise might look simple on the first look but with the american walnut comes a canadian cedar top, which produces a very loud but dynamic tone.





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Tenor Sunrise "Aloha"


Probably the most typical wood that can be used for an ukulele. With this instrument, however, I did not build a complete Koa body, but a combination of the Hawaiian koa with a North American engelmann spruce





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Ukulele Pickup "Uke-Up"

Less is more!

These tiny piezzo transducer pickups are made in our workshop.


 49,- €


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