Tenor Sunrise "TornavoZ"



With this unique instrument, one detail immediately catches the eye.

The sound hole decoration, which stands out visually from the top surface, also has a physical aspect. Since this ring expands the inner surface of the sound hole inwards, an effect similar to that of a "Tornavoz" is created. This element is also often used in bass loudspeakers, where a tube protrudes into the interior of the box and thus optimizes the bass of the loudspeaker.
In this case it is made from amboina (padouk burl).


The so-called "Tornavoz", which not only results in a special soundhole decoration in this instrument, also promotes the volume and the radiating of the deep tones.


Quilted linden was used for the back/sides of this ukulele, which suits very well with the German spruce as the top material.


The neck was made from alder and the fretboard/bridge were made from cocobolo rosewood.


The body and the neck of the ukulele have been varnished with a satin nitrocellulose varnish.


This has a very nice natural feel and can be held comfortably for a long time. The instrument will be handed over to the future owner in a high-quality case. This has a plaque made from the same wood as the instrument in the case.





technical information

scale: 440 mm
top: over 100 year old spruce (German)

body: linden (Germany)

neck: alder (Germany)

fretboard/bridge: cocobolo
headplate: amboina/padouk

pickup system: installed on request

finish: satin matt nitro cellulose

machinehead: Der Jung customj
special: tornavoz soundhole from amboina/padouk



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