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Dear Musicians and visitors of my website, here I would like to introduce myself.


My name is Tom Ziegenspeck, the owner of „Ziegenspeck Ukulele“. It is a „one man show“ specialised on the production of high end professional grade stringed instruments.


How can I be so sure to create such a level of quality?


First of all my 8 semester academic hands-on education at the famous luthier school „University of applied sciences for Building Stringed Instruments“ at Markneukirchen, Germany. My theoretical and practical expertise achieved during this time earned me the degree of a master builder in luthery („Zupfinstrumentenbaumeister“).


This school, located in Markneukirchen, Germany, where C.F.Martin I. was born and built his first professional grade instruments, is reknown world-wide for an excellent education to the highest standards in luthery.

                                   Yours Tom Ziegenspeck

Second, several years of building guitars and my fascination of the „jumping-flea“ heritage provided an excellent foundation to now build one-of-a-kind ukuleles in the hawaiian design and spirit. Additionally, I have worked for some time alongside Dave King (Martin Repair Workshop, UK) and the highly respected artisan ukulele builder Pete Howlett, North Wales.


Based on this vast theoretical and practical background as well as my experience as an accomplished musician I can build the ukulele best suited for the needs of each individual customer. Each instrument of „Ziegenspeck Ukulele“ will be build by myself with the highest possible precision and attention to detail, including the option to integrate individual design elements.

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