Goat Strings

Ziegenspeck "Goat Strings"

Immerse yourself in a world of crystal-clear sounds with the fluorocarbon ukulele strings from Ziegenspeck! Developed to meet the highest standards of sound purity and playing comfort, these strings offer incomparable resonance and brilliance. Made from a specific, high-quality fluorocarbon material, they guarantee a long service life and stability. Bring your ukulele to life and discover a new dimension of sound with the fluorocarbon strings from Ziegenspeck - for musicians who value quality and performance.


But why do I promise you this high quality?


This is not commercially available fluorocarbon but rather

Polyvinylidene fluoride in a composition which has a material density of 1.78 g/cm³. According to my ears and fingertips, this material is the best string for ukuleles.


Try it yourself.




- fits concert - tenor size ukulele

A) Low-G (fluorocarbon)

B) Low-G (silverwound nylon)


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