The master luthier workshop for ukulelemaking.


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tenor E-Uke

ukulele stand "Goaty"

tenor sunrise "TornavoZ"

the brand new "Mandolele"

the new workshop in Leipzig

My creative workplace moved to Leipzig.

the "Uke-Up" ukulele pickup

concert doubleback "Walther Junior"

tenor sunrise "PaliFi"

Harp-E "walnut"

tenor "Harp-E"

tenor sunrise "Ravenscrag"

Every single instrument that leaves my workshop is unique and out of the ordinary as much as possible. However, I thought about how to make a ukulele even more special and unique. At this point the collaboration with the painter Olaf Rahardt, who is a marine painter and a very important artist in his scene, startet.


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tenor sunrise "Double Back"

This Tenor Sunrise has the name "Double Back" for a reason that does not catch the eye at first glance.

This ukulele has a double back, which creates a tonal advantage.


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