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Concert E-Uke Oak

Tenor Sunrise "Ravenscrag"

Every single instrument that leaves my workshop is unique and out of the ordinary as much as possible. However, I thought about how to make a ukulele even more special and unique. At this point the collaboration with the painter Olaf Rahardt, who is a marine painter and a very important artist in his scene, startet.


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Tenor Sunrise Aloha

The word "Aloha" in Hawaii does not only mean hello or goodbye, it is a word that expresses feelings and love.
For this particular instrument, the na,e Aloha was not only suitable for me because of the wood used (koa) but much more because of the very open, lovely tone.


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Tenor Sunrise "double back"

This Tenor Sunrise has the name "Double Back" for a reason that does not catch the eye at first glance.

This ukulele has a double back, which creates a tonal advantage.


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black white art from the workshop

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The "Uke-Up" Ukulele Pickup