tenor "mandolele"

What happens when you imagine a kind of symbiosis between a tenor ukulele and a mandolin / irish bouzouki?


With the Ziegenspeck “Mandolele” I combined all the advantages of both instruments and created a new model that even surpassed my imagination.

The very bulbous shape, which was inspired by an "irish bouzouki" and scaled to the size of a mandolin, produces a very dynamically loud tone. But now the wonderful scale length of a tenor ukulele (440 mm) is added. You have significantly more freedom of play than with a mandolin, but the sound of the "mandolele" is also produced by a floating bridge. These combinations produce a long, almost singing tone, which, depending on the attack, can range from very warm to a traditional, percussive, Hawaiian ukulele sound.

The "mandolele" is sealed with a high-quality nitrocellulose varnish. This offers a very natural feel.

The instrument is handed over in an adapted hard case and can be equipped with a pickup system (uke-up) if requested.


See for yourself.


technical information

scale: 440 mm
top: spruce (Germany)

body: walnut (Germany,USA)

neck: mahogany (Africa)

fretboard/bridge: bamboo (Japan)
headplate: bamboo (Japan)

pickup system: on request

finish: satin matt nitro cellulose

machinehead: Der Jung gold

special: mandolin / irish bouzouki shape

sound sample


Ziegenspeck tenor "mandolele"


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