Pickup "Uke-Up"

Less is more!


This small, simple piezo transducer pickup is made by hand in the workshop of Ziegenspeck.

It is perfectly matched to soprano, concert and tenor size ukuleles.

He can be made for a Barition Ukulele upon request.


The goal is to get an extremely real and natural sound, which has been achieved with this pickup system.

Since this pick-up works similarly to a microphone using piezo crystals.

It is also important to make as less changes as possible to the instrument when installing a pickup.

This can be implemented very well with this type of customer system.

The pickup is passive and easy to install.

Whats in the Box?

1x Uke-Up Pickup
1x installation guide

1x superglue

1x step drill for perfect fit



58,00 €

  • verfügbar / in stock
  • 3 - 7 Tage Lieferzeit / days delivery time


clean sound without effect                                 with reverb effect

installation tutorial

different sounds with the Ziegenspeck "Uke-Up"