"The Uke-Experience" by Ziegenspeck

the ukulele building workshop

An individual, handcrafted instrument built by a master of his craft is something extraordinary and unique.

But what could give the musician who loves craftsmanship something even more special?


The Ziegenspeck “The Experience”


Immerse yourself in the art of ukulele building and create your own masterpiece.

“The Experience” offers not only the unique opportunity to own a handcrafted ukulele, but also the incomparable feeling of having created it with your own hands.

This happens under my personal guidance and support from the raw wooden scantling to the ready-to-play instrument.


What awaits you?


1. Expert Guide: I, Tom Ziegenspeck, will walk you through every step of the building process. Whether you are an experienced woodworker or a complete beginner, we will adapt to your pace together.


2. High-quality materials: As with the well-known quality of Ziegenspeck ukuleles, I also attach great importance to this. That's why we only use the best materials for your ukulele. From exquisite wood to precise mechanics – I use long-lasting and sonorous components for your instrument.


3. Community and fun: Learn not only from the best, but also from like-minded people. This course has a maximum of 2 students, which promotes a relaxed atmosphere in which you not only develop skills but also learn about the life of a master ukulele builder.


4. Unique Creation: Your ukulele will not just be an instrument, but a personal statement. Give it your own style by choosing between different woods and personal decoration.


5. Musical pleasure: After you have built your ukulele, I will guide you through the first steps of using a newly built, ready-to-play instrument. So you can enjoy the fruits of your labor straight away.


Embark on the journey of ukulele building and experience the joy that only a self-made musical instrument can offer. Register now and become the creator of your own melodies!


content of the workshop

The content of this one week building course is a tenor ukulele in the shape of the Ziegenspeck “Sunrise”.


The instrument is made from high-quality local cherry wood.


We are happy to design your instrument individually and integrate a motif (logo) of your choice onto the headstock.


For the maximum building experience, as little preparation as possible is made for your instrument, so that you get an insight into every step from “A-Z”.


The instrument is ultimately sealed with a nitro-cellulose varnish, which is done by me. After that you will get your instrument shipped to you.


Book your unique ukulele building course in Tom Ziegenspeck's workshop now.

If you would like to give this course as a gift to someone, I would be happy to send you a special gift voucher.


Basic price 1900,- €.

Appointments by arrangement.