tenor Sunrise "Ravenscrag"


Every single instrument that leaves my workshop is unique and out of the ordinary as much as possible. However, I thought about how to make a ukulele even more special and unique. At this point the collaboration with the painter Olaf Rahardt, who is a marine painter and a very important artist in his scene, startet. The topic of that ukulele came up very quickly because there is a very important ship in the ukulele history. The Ravenscrag, whereupon the Portuguese brought "Machête" wih them, sailed from Madeirda,Portugal to Hawaii in 1879.
When the Hawaiians recreated this instrument with their own means and materials, the ukulele emerged.

about the artist

iamge source: blog revell 2018 *


In addition to comissioned paintings in the usual form, Olaf Rahardt`s work for industrial companies takes up a wide range of work. For example for "Weltbildverlag", cover images of the "Revell" model kots or illustrations for the trade press. With his past exhibitions Olaf Rahardt earned numerous appreciations at home and abroad.
Rahardt`s paintings can be found in the German Maritim Museum Bremerhaven, the Maritim Museum of Peter Tamm in Hamburg, in the Wilhelmsahven Naval Museum as well as many service points, ships and boats of the current German Navy.


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The paintings on the front and the back of the instrument, Olaf Rahardt made with ink. The white elements are created with an opaque white.

For this special instrument I used local cherry wood from Thuringia, which couldn`t be more suitable. This concept works very well because both the wood, the instrument maker and the painter originate from the same corner of Germany. The beautiful distinctive cherry is decorated with uniform black elements. With these individual inlays made of ebony, a stylistic frame is created which stages the mainting well and dies not distract from it. The edges, the fingerboard, the bridge and all inlays are made of ebony. The neck of the instrument was also made of cherry and underneath the varnish there is a very light "sunburst" which gives the instrument a historical look. This ukulele was finished with a high-gloss varnish to present both the grain and the artwork by Olaf Rahardt crystal clear.


The instrument will be handed over to the future owner in a high-quality case.

This has a badge, which was made from the same wood as the instrment in the case.

technical information

scale: 440 mm

front: cherry (thuringia)
back/sides: cherry (thuringia)

neck: cherry

fretboard/bridge: ebony
headplate: cherry

pickup system: on request

finish: high-gloss nitro-cellulose

machinehead: Rubner handmade in Germany
special: painting by Olaf Rahardt

sound sample


* image source: blog revell 2018
Marinemaler und Revell Illustrator Olaf Rahardt im Interview

By 4. Oktober 2018