tenor E-Uke "Burly"

The purely acoustic (not amplified) sound of the e-uke does not play quite as important a role as, for example, with a sunrise, double back or mandolele. It is therefore possible to use very unusual, extremely strongly grained wood that comes from the root area of the tree for the top material of the electric ukulele.


This maple grain underlaid by a thin layer of alder results in a very nice interaction with the mahogany body/neck.



The fretboard and bridge are made of ebony and combined with the satin finish has resulted in a simple yet extremely expressive instrument.


The Tenor E-Uke will be handed over to the future owner in a high-quality gig bag.





technical information

scale: 440 mm
top: maple burl

body: mahogany

neck: mahogany

binding: alder

fretboard/bridge: ebony
headplate: maple burl

pickup system: Ziegenspeck undersaddle

finish: nitro-cellulose satin

machinehead: Der Jung with handmade button


You are very welcome to put an order in for your individual ukulele HERE.