tenor "double back" cherry

This Tenor Sunrise has the name "Double Back" for a reason that does not catch the eye at first glance.

This ukulele has a double back, which creates a tonal advantage.

As a master plucking instrument maker, I can confirm that, especially with ukuleles, the back is an area which very little, if not at all, resonates. This is because when playing, the instrument is held completely against the body and the back of the instrument is thus dampened. However, if you install a soundboard in the interior of the instrument that cannot be dampened, you get an instrument that is significantly louder.

example double back

 Except for the soundboard, this instrument was made completely of Thruingian cherry. After a few "doubleback" ukuleles I made, I decided that spruce was the best wood for the resonance back inside the instrument.
This result is due to the the excellent vibration and sound qualities of spruce.

It was important to me to develop a subtle design that does not limit the functionality of the double back and yet also brings something special with it.
I created a color contrast with inlays made of blue-colored veneer around the instrument. The cherry used not only has a visually unique and expressive grain, but also a very open and clear tone.

The neck, which was also made from the same cherry, perfectly round off the theme of the instrument.
With this instrument, the topic of sustainability was very important to mem which is why I only used local, non-threatened wood species. For me, bomboo has established itself vey well as a fingerboard material over the last year.

The body and the of the ukulele have been varnished awith a nitro-cellulose varnish.
This has a very nice, natural feel and is pleasent to hold for a long time.

The instrument is handed over to the future owner in a high-quality hardcase.
It has a badge made of the same wood as the instrument in the case.

technical information

scale: 440 mm

front: cherry
back/sides: cherry

neck: cherry

fretboard/bridge: bamboo / ebony
headplate: cherry

pickup system: on request (inclusive)

finish: satin matt nitro-cellulose

machinehead: Der Jung
special: resonance back made from spruce

sound sample


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