tenor sunrise "Walther"

You don't have to write a lot about the optics of this ukulele.

The unique, high-contrast and almost exotic looking grain of the back and sides is based on tonewood that comes from Thuringia.

This instrument has a special effect due to the combination of redwood (top) and walnut (back / sides), which could not be more different and yet harmonize very well both visually and acoustically.

But the specialty of this instrument is not only in the choice of wood, but the rim used is a so-called "laminated rim", which consists of 2 layers of walnut.

But why do you use this technique?

The frame of the instrument, which is solely responsible for its shape and stability, should be as stiff and stable as possible. If you now glue 2 layers of high-quality wood together, an incredibly robust structure is created.

In order to hear yourself even better while playing, a soundport is used on this ukulele.

This unique ukulele is rounded off with bindings, inlays and elements made of ebony.


 Apart from the unique choice of wood, this instrument is decorated with tuners that are only available from "Ziegenspeck". These exclusive machine heads are hand-made in Germany.


 The body and the neck of the ukulele are lacquered with a nitro-cellulose varnish. This has a very nice naturaly feel and can be comfortably gripped for a long time.


The instrument will be handed over to the future owner in a high-quality case.


This has a badge, which was made from the same wood as the instrument in the case.

technical information

scale: 440 mm
top: redwood (USA)

body: walnut (Germany)

neck: walnut (Germany)

fretboard/bridge: ebony (India)
headplate: walnut (Germany)

pickup system: on request (included)

finish: satin matt nitro cellulose

machinehead: "Rubner" handmade in Germany

sound sample


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