concert Sunrise "ENORA"


Discover the timeless beauty and incomparable sound of this unique concert ukulele made from English yew with red accents made from dyed linden!


Every detail of this ukulele has been carefully designed, from the precise selection of wood to the laser-engraved rosette and the subtle red elements that give it a unique character.

The English yew not only imparts outstanding sound quality, but also an aesthetic beauty that will enchant any musician.


Whether you are an experienced player or just starting your ukulele journey, this concert ukulele offers you an unparalleled playing experience. Their warm, balanced sound and comfortable playability make them the perfect accompaniment for any musical journey.


The instrument was painted with a silk matt nitro-cellulose lacquer, which creates a very natural feel. The case has a plaque on the side, which was made from the same wood as the instrument in the case.

In this case yew.



technical information

scale: 392 mm
top: yew (England)

body: yew (England)

neck: yew (England)

fretboard/bridge: bamboo / yew
headplate: yew (England)

pickup system: installed on request

finish: satin matt nitro cellulose

machinehead: Der Jung


sound sample


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