tenor "harp-E"


 The "harp-E"


As the name suggests, the Harp-E is and electric harp ukulele.

This name is just as unusual as the instrument itself.
In this case we have a tenor ukulele with a 4 additional bass strings, which can be tuned according to the key or the basic notes of the song.

This unique instrument was made from a cherry body, which is combined with an ash top.

To give this wood and colour gradient a special contrast, a red accent made from padouk was used around the instrument.
This instrument is handed over to the future owner in an adapted aluminium case.

That case hast attached a plaque, which was made from the same wood as the instrument in the case. In this case ash.



technical information

scale: 430 mm
front: ash (Germany)
back/sides: cherry (Germany)
neck: cherry
fretboard/bridge: ebony
headplate: padouk
pickup system: Ziegenspeck undersaddle
finish: satin matt nitro-cellulose
machinehead: Der Jung custom

sound sample


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