tenor sunrise "Aloha"

The word "Aloha" in Hawaii does not only mean hello or goodbye, it is a word that expresses feelings and love.
For this particular instrument, the na,e Aloha was not only suitable for me because of the wood used (koa) but much more because of the very open, lovely tone.

I like to use local woods for my ukuleles, but sometimes I want to stay true to tradition as a ukulele maker and process a certain wood.
Probably the most typical wood that can be used for an ukulele. With this instrument, however, I did not build a complete Koa body, but a combination of the Hawaiian koa with a North American engelmann spruce. This ukulele is decorated with a hibiscus flower, which was inserted from white mother-of-pearl around the 12th fret into the ebony fingerboard.
The inserts around the sound hole and on the edge of the instrument are typical for traditionally built ukuleles from Hawaii.
the neck was made from a red-brown mahogany and thus round off the color theme of the instrument perfectly.


The body and the neck of the ukulele are lacquered with a nitro-cellulose varnish. This has a very nice naturaly feel and can be comfortably gripped for a long time.


The instrument will be handed over to the future owner in a high-quality case.

This has a badge, which was made from the same wood as the instrument in the case.

technical information

scale: 440 mm

front: engelmann spruce (North America)
back/sides: koa (Hawaii)

neck: mahogany

fretboard/bridge: ebony
headplate: koa

frets: low frets for very easy playing

pickup system: ziegenspeck undersaddle

finish: satin matt nitro-cellulose

machinehead: Der Jung

sound sample


You are very welcome to put an order in for your individual ukulele HERE.