concert sunrise "Sky"

 This sunrise concert is made from american walnut in a combination with a larch front it produces one of the sweetest
tones you can get.

For that special instrument the theme "sky" is implemented by a flying bird (made from pearl) in the 12th fret and blue lines used on the purfling and rosette.

The fretboard and bridge is made from ledawood which gives the instrument a nice warm color.
This ukulele has a satin matt nitro-cellulose finish and a passive pickup-system.

The instrument will be delivered in a Ziegenspeck hardcase.


technical information

scale: 383mm
top: larch

body: american walnut

neck: mahogany

fretboard/bridge: leadwood
headplate: american walnut

pickup system: Ziegenspeck passive piezzo undersaddle

finish: satin matt nitro cellulose

machinehead: vintage "DER JUNG"


sound sample


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