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    Cente Arkangel (Samstag, 25 Juli 2020 11:16)

    Love your double back! Been thinking about making one in the esrly 1990's. Finally got around to making the open sound that doesn't change whether the ukulele is resting against your body or off! Pictures are on my facebook! Mahalo for your wonderful craftsmanship!
    Cente Arkangel

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    DAVID MECHANIC (Samstag, 23 November 2019 04:09)

    Excellent Webpage Tommy.
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    You, my friend, are truly a "Multi-talent"
    All the best to you! :)
    David Mechanic

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    Chris Mitchell (Donnerstag, 10 Januar 2019 16:08)

    Hello, I have just purchased one of your Ukulule pickup and fitted it to my soprano. Easy to do and a great sound.
    I had to buy it from Thomson, as you website shop made it impossible for me to buy from you directly. The order page did not recognise the UK which meant the order would not process.
    You may wish to investigate.
    King regards

    Chris Mitchell.

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    James Shiels (Donnerstag, 25 Oktober 2018 11:26)

    I'm saving up for new concert. Your work looks and sounds superb. You are the natural succesor to Pete H.

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    I cook (Samstag, 30 Juni 2018 16:49)

    I bought a tenor sunrise ukulele from you at MUMF 2018 . It is stunning and a pleasure to play .Cheers Tom

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    Sophie Legault (Samstag, 27 Januar 2018 16:23)

    Those ukuleles are so unique and stunning! One of them would be a beautiful add to a uke collection!

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    Mike Hobbs (Mittwoch, 12 Juli 2017 18:11)

    Some of the best ukuleles you can buy. Simply stunning !

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    Jim Bracegirdle (Dienstag, 09 Mai 2017 02:50)

    Hello from Guelph ON. Canada N1G 2X5 I like your harp ukulele very much.

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    Johnny (Donnerstag, 10 November 2016 01:28)

    Very nice webpage.